The foundations of good oral health start young. Getting your kids aware and involved in their oral health care will teach them valuable dental health habits that they can take with them into adulthood.

The professionals at George Dental have in-depth training and experience working with our littlest guests ­– from infants to teenagers. We’re trained not only in handling the delicate gums and teeth of your children but also in understanding the needs of growing teeth.

Tooth Development

One of the most pressing concerns of parents when it comes to their kids’ teeth is proper tooth development. How well the teeth develop while a child is growing up will largely affect how the teeth are going to be in their adulthood. Healthy eating, brushing and good oral habits are the foundation of proper oral health.

Regular checkups at George Dental are important for your child. At each appointment, we check his/her developing teeth to ensure that everything is going well. We teach and reinforce proper brushing habits, and provide supplementary support such as special toothbrushes and toothpastes to address the special needs of their growing teeth. Of course, regular checkups also help avoid cavities and identify and treat them if found.

Infant Tooth Care – First Visit on the First Birthday

Tooth development begins at the womb. And the proper growth and development of your child’s teeth begins even before you see the first signs of tooth eruption. It is important for parents to seek the help of a children’s dentist for proper guidance on caring for an infant’s growing teeth.

A lot of parents, mistakenly, believe that their babies don’t need tooth care. In infancy, children are growing and changing rapidly. Most children get their first tooth in the first few months of life. Natural sugars found in formula or breast milk can cause tooth decay.  A dentist well-versed in pediatric dentistry can help guide you through this delicate stage.

Cavities and Prevention

It is said that prevention is better than cure – and this cannot be any truer than in cavity prevention. Routine cleanings, dental exams and x-rays are imperative as kids’ teeth are not as tough as an adult’s and are more susceptible to cavities. Since the first signs of cavities cannot be seen by the naked and untrained eye, we can help you spot the first signs of it in order stop its further progression.

Fluoride Treatments and Dental Sealants

Good oral health habits and regular cleaning can best be reinforced by fluoride treatments and dental sealants. While regular brushing and routine cleaning helps keep your kids’ teeth clean, applying fluoride after cleaning and using dental sealants will constantly protect their teeth every day. The amount of bacteria that their teeth are faced with in an hour’s time is enough to promote plaque buildup, but with sealants and fluoride, their teeth get an extra barrier of protection.

Pediatric Dental Services

The foundations of good oral health starts young. From our dental offices conveniently located in Eagan and Apple Valley, MN, only minutes from St. Paul and Minneapolis, pediatric dentistry is available to the entire Twin Cities metro area.

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