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When you visit our dental office, your smile is our top priority. Family dentistry services at George Dental focus on comprehensive oral health care that maintains and preserves your dental health.

The George Dental team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. We provide an extensive array of services that will help ensure healthy teeth and gums.

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Our Comprehensive Oral Health Exam

This exam allows our team to work with you to benchmark the overall health of your mouth and teeth and diagnose any potential problems you may have.

Our Comprehensive Dental Exam not only checks for tooth decay and gum health but also examines your entire mouth, head, and neck area. The family dentistry comprehensive exam will include these evaluations:

  • Head and Neck — We will look for any problems on the exterior surface of your head and neck, as well as feel for any swelling or tenderness (which are signs of an infection or disease) in your lymph nodes and salivary glands. We will also examine your temporomandibular joint to determine if it is working properly and palpate your muscles for tenderness.
  • Soft Tissue — The soft tissues of your mouth include the tongue, inside of the lips and cheeks, and the floor and roof of the mouth. Our team will examine these areas for spots, lesions, cuts, swellings, or growths that could indicate an oral health problem. We will also inspect the back of your throat and tonsil area.
  • Gum Tissue — Your team will examine your gums and supporting structures of the teeth. We will look for signs of gum disease, which include red or puffy gum tissue and tissue that easily bleeds when gently touched with an instrument.
  • Occlusion — A check of how well your upper and lower teeth come together. An “off” bite can increase your risk for tooth wear, cracks and breakage.
  • Clinical Examination of Teeth — Your team will check for signs of tooth decay by examining the surface of every tooth. We will touch your teeth with a dental instrument, called an explorer, to look for cavities. (Decayed enamel feels softer compared to healthy enamel.) Your dentist will also check for any problems with fillings, braces, bridges, dentures, crowns, or other restorations.
  • Digital X-rays — The exam will generally include digital X-rays to look for signs of tooth decay, as well as for gum disease and other oral health problems. Digital X-rays significantly reduce exposure to radiation. Although not required, our team will still take the time to drape you with a lead apron with a thyroid protector because we want to provide you with an added layer of protection.
  • Cleaning – After an initial oral exam of your gums and teeth, and documentation of any changes in your overall health and medicine use, our team will clean and polish your teeth, talk to you about caring for your teeth and gums, and answer any questions you might have about home care products. Although home-based tooth brushing and flossing help remove plaque, only a professional cleaning can thoroughly clean your teeth and remove the hardened plaque (called calculus or tartar) that builds up on teeth.
  • Polishing — After your teeth have been cleaned, they are polished to remove plaque and stains on the tooth surface. The polish contains an abrasive substance and fluoride.
  • Prevention — Our hygienists might offer additional instructions for you to follow at home, based on the results of your exam. Don’t hesitate to ask our hygienists for instructions about brushing or flossing, or general care questions about your teeth and gums. If you are at risk for cavities, we may apply a fluoride varnish with your permission, to aid the strengthening of tooth enamel.
  • Treatment Recommendations — If any oral health problems are identified during your examination, our dental team will make recommendations for the best next steps and work with you to develop a treatment plan that works with your needs. At times, we will suggest a consultation appointment so that we may review your oral health with you, review problem areas and address your concerns, and discuss with you treatment options.

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Looking for a family dentist? George Dental is a full-service dental practice catering to the unique needs of individuals and families, and combines state-of-the-art technology with personalized care. From our dental offices conveniently located in Eagan and Apple Valley, MN, only minutes from St. Paul and Minneapolis, family dentistry and preventative care services are available to the entire Twin Cities metro area.

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I love my experiences at George Dental! All the hygienists are so nice, and they really care about your comfort. Dr. Kellee knows her stuff — she’s completely up to date on all the latest research and seems to incorporate “best practices” whenever possible.

Sarah K 

Officially the best dentist on the planet! Dr. Stanton’s professional, friendly, careful, gentle (didn’t even feel the needle, literally), patient, calming, skillful, and she explains important details of the procedure as she’s working. Her assistants and staff are equally amazing.

Nicholas B 

GEORGE Dental Group is great for my family because they cater to young children, adults and everyone in-between.

Teresa D