Modern, Innovative Dental Technology

As your oral health care provider, George Dental leverages the latest advances in dental equipment. We utilize technology to boost your comfort and provide the highest-quality care.

As a dental patient, you want to be informed about your oral health — and you should also know about equipment that George Dental uses when treating you. Our Eagan dental office offers:

Intra-Oral Camera (IOCs)
This advanced camera makes your visit more interactive. It enlarges our view of the inside of your mouth on a full-color screen display. We’re capable of seeing much more than with the human eye alone.

Patient Chairs
Sit back and feel pampered in our premium dental chairs that offer exceptional guest comfort with heat and a massage system that relaxes even our most anxious patients.

Power Vacuum and Amalgam Separator
In lieu of the traditional sink or water vacuum, we use a waterless system. This option ensures that we use natural resources wisely; and it also reduces the risk of amalgam (metals used for fillings) getting in our water stream.

State-of-the-art Sterilization
For your confidence and peace of mind, our office utilizes state-of-the-art sterilization equipment to ensure extremely high sterilization practices to meet or exceed OSHA standards. Ever want a tour, we would be happy to show you!

Digital X-rays with Schick Sensors
Popular, efficient, and allows you to view images immediately. Digital x-rays enhance images and makes sharing with patients and storing easier. This reliable option detects tooth decay and cavities earlier, which allows us to take preventive measures sooner.

How do digital dental x-rays work? A small sensor, connected to a computer, is placed in your mouth. An x-ray beam is sent through your teeth, and the sensor records the image on the computer.

Are digital dental x-rays safe? Yes. Radiation exposure is small (reduced as much as 80% compared to traditional x-rays) and targeted. Although not required by MN standards, we use “Shields” over your upper torso, so those areas are not exposed to even the slightest bit of radiation. If it’s safe, why do we leave the room? Dentists and hygienists conduct x-rays all day, everyday — our exposure is 10x greater. Our safety is important too.

Recognized as one of the most valuable tools in dentistry, the MicroEtcher provides precise surface roughening, cleans dark grooves to reveal decay, and increases surface reactivity. It also offers the benefit of avoiding the use of potentially harmful acids. Requiring only a few seconds, it’s a fast and easy procedure that improves bond strength up to 400%.

Electric Handpieces (NSK CS Plus) Smoother
This handpiece allows us to provide your dental work with less noise and vibration, while boosting comfort and precision. In addition, one of the biggest benefits is speed. Fully adjustable, it produces about 3x the power of an air-driven handpiece — meaning no slow down or stop regardless of speed or material being cut. Electric handpieces rely on solid contact and rigid bearing support, which lessens the contact with patients’ teeth and reduces sensitivity.