Custom Athletic Mouthguards

It’s no secret mouthguards work to not only prevent mouth or teeth injuries, they can also help prevent head injuries such as concussions, by taking away pressure from any heavy hits to the head. In fact, the American Dental Association estimated that mouthguards help prevent 200,000 head/mouth injuries in high school and college football per year. That study doesn’t include the number of other injuries mouthguards reduce the risk of in sports such as hockey, lacrosse, basketball and in other sports that youth, high school athletes and adults participate in.

Why do you need a custom mouthguard? The reality is, your store-bought mouthguard might be inexpensive, but it might not be effective for you. That’s where custom athletic mouthguards can be of benefit.

What is a custom mouthguard? Basically, it is what it sounds like – a mouthguard that is custom fit for your mouth, by the team at George Dental. We can discuss options, styles and costs of a custom mouthguard.

What are the advantages of a custom athletic mouthguard? There are many. By working with a professional to create your custom athletic mouthguard you get personal care and treatment you can’t get from a packaged mouthguard. The team at George Dental can design it, test it, adapt it, and check its comfort, retention, stability and fit. Custom mouthguards also help retain the required thickness. As soon as a store bought mouthguard is boiled and formed, it starts to lose its stability and effectiveness.

With the increase in concussions in sports, protection of your head, neck and mouth is as important as ever. It starts with a custom athletic mouthguard. Contact us today to make an appointment for your custom athletic mouthguard.

Custom Night Guards for Bruxism (Teeth Grinding and Clenching)

Do you wake up with a sore mouth, sore teeth or sore neck? Do you sleep next to someone who clenches or grinds their teeth at night? It’s not fun for either and it’s not healthy either! If you or someone you know clenches or grinds teeth then it’s time to consider custom night guards for bruxism.

What is bruxism? Bruxism is a condition where you clench, grind or gnash your teeth. This occurs during sleep, at night, during the day and even when you may not realize you are doing it.

Why do I need a custom night guard for bruxism? Continued grinding or clenching can lead to more serious concerns other than sore teeth or an upset sleeping mate. It can lead to headaches, earache, chronic facial pain, jaw disorders and many other problems. It can wear down or flatten your teeth, wear down tooth enamel and in many cases result in fractured or chipped teeth, making teeth look older before their time.

What is a custom night guard for bruxism like? It’s a thin device that is placed on the lower or upper set of teeth. Durable and hard, the custom night guard is custom made for you and fits your needs and specifications, preventing the clenching, grinding and gnashing from occurring.

Who needs a custom night guard? Since many people who have bruxism are unaware they have it, it’s important to relay to your team at George Dental if you experience any of the symptoms listed above. This night guard can help relax the muscles of the jaw and give your teeth a comfortable, cushion-like place to rest, eliminating the grinding and related effects. It may take some time to learn to sleep with this new custom night guard for bruxism, but the results can start immediately.

Contact our Eagan or Apple Valley, MN Dentist Office for Custom Athletic Mouthguards and Night Guards for Bruxism

Prevent injuries and soreness surrounding your teeth and mouth. From our dental offices conveniently located in Eagan and Apple Valley, MN, only minutes from St. Paul and Minneapolis, custom athletic mouthguards and night guards for bruxism are available to the entire Twin Cities metro area.

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