What is TMJ or TMD?

The medical name for this is long and hard to say, which is why temporomandibular disorders are called TMJ/TMD for short by dentists. In short, your Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect the jawbone (lower) to your skull. If you speak, swallow, chew, yawn, you’re using your TMJ/TMD.

What TMJ/TMD is describes diseases that can occur in the jaw joints, which in turn can affect jaw movement. This physical disorder develops from an imbalance with the muscles that work together between the jaw and skull. This can result in spasm, joint dysfunction, and muscle fatigue and in turn, changes in your teeth. Each person, while dealing with the same underlying issues with TMJ/TMD, has their own unique discomfort, pain and problem levels.

How Can Your Dentist Help with TMJ/TMD?

By providing your dentist with in-depth descriptions of your pain and problems, your dentist can examine you to see if the pain, tenderness and discomfort is related to TMJ/TMD. They can take X-rays to view your entire jaw and teeth to see if your teeth and mouth-related issues are causing the problem. If X-rays don’t work you may need a CT scan or MRI. After consulting with your dentist, they will be able to pinpoint the problem and start to consider various treatment options.

What Can I Do if I Suffer From TMJ/TMD?

In many cases your dentist may refer you to TMJ/TMD specialist who can provide even further in-depth treatment and care, such as surgical procedures involving the mouth, face and/or jaw area. Talk to your dentist to see what the best treatment options are for you. An experienced dentist can provide you with a variety of options to help you alleviate the problems. In some cases some minor changes can make huge differences, but in others surgery is inevitable.

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