Dr. Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton’s grandfather, George O. Kattleman, lived the American dream. As a young man, he worked long hours at a south Minneapolis flower shop and eventually purchased the business to run as his own. An entrepreneur at heart, George O. ran Nokomis Floral, along with his wife and family – including his own son George – until his retirement. In business and in his personal life, George O. reinforced the importance of strong values and determination.

George O.’s son George A. passed on the family values of honesty and integrity on to his daughter Kellee. Devoted to his family, George A. is also an active member in his community. Dr. Kellee’s great-grandfather, George W. was also a great man who loved unconditionally and is remembered by those who loved him as always having a smile on his face. Inspired by these great men, their entrepreneurial spirit and their shared values, Dr. Kellee was inspired to open her own dental practice and name the practice after them.

Dr. Kellee strives for excellence and providing patients with the best care so they can live healthy and happy lives. Her determination is inspired by her grandfather’s perseverance when faced with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. In 1998 George O. Kattleman was given three months to live. Unwilling to accept the prognosis, Dr. Kellee researched additional treatment options, fought information dead-ends, and tracked down outstanding doctors only to discover they were not accepting new patients. Through a connection made through her research, Dr. Kellee was able to make an appointment for her grandfather with a prominent cardiologist. Under his care and supervision, George O. Kattleman lived a productive and lively life for 14 more years.

Dr. Kellee embraces the name George for its influence and inspiration in her life.

The George Dental team is driven by a genuine passion for making a positive impact – one smile at a time. 

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Officially the best dentist on the planet! Dr. Stanton’s professional, friendly, careful, gentle (didn’t even feel the needle, literally), patient, calming, skillful, and she explains important details of the procedure as she’s working. Her assistants and staff are equally amazing.

Nicholas B 

GEORGE Dental Group is great for my family because they cater to young children, adults and everyone in-between.

Teresa D 

What a difference! I have never felt so comfortable and welcome at a dental or doctor clinic. Every single staff member is wonderful. They truly want you there and want you to feel comfortable.

Lisa W